Drager Fabius GS Premium Anesthesia Machine

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Product Description

The Fabius GS premium is an anesthesia workstation that is simple to use, highly efficient. It features a solid design with modular architecture and a wide range of ventilation capabilities. Customize your Fabius GS premium exactly the way you need it.

A powerful and accurate E-vent piston ventilator: technology delivers ICU-like ventilation performance, so there is no need for drive gas. All major ventilation modes- volume control, pressure control, pressure support (PS) and SIMV/PS – can be supported. With low-flow ventilation, compact breathing system and optional heater, the Fabius GS premium is a logical choice

An integrated, high contrast color monitor displays vital ventilation parameters and curves in real time. Virtual flow tubes show individual gas flows and a mechanical tube shows the total gas flow. The total gas flow is displayed even in the event of power failure.

The Fabius GS premium comes with a new, highly maneuverable trolley featuring a convenient central brake for quick and easy workstation positioning. Additional storage space for equipment and a large table for documentation and other necessities are standard features. The compact breathing system can be mounted on either side, depending on your individual needs. Work in a dark environment? Integrated illumination and an additional light source support you. The Fabius GS premium is compatible with our practical and economical CLIC absorbers.

Every hospital has its own challenges. That’s why we designed the Fabius GS premium with an open, modular architecture. With low-flow ventilation, standard mounting rails, and medical-grade power outlet strips for Dräger Infinity® Omega and Delta XL monitors or approved third party equipment – the Fabius GS premium can be customized to suit your individual needs.


Product Specifications

Weight: 296 lb (134.2 kg)

Dimensions W x H x D (with COSY and 3 Vaporizer Mount):  approx. 40.7 x 52 x 33 in (103.5 x 132 x 84 cm)

Dimensions W x H x D (without COSY, with 2 Vaporizer Mount): approx. 30 x 52 x 33 in (76 x 132 x 84 cm)

Power Supply (non-configurable): 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 70 VA

Operation Time with Fully Charged Batteries: up to 120 minutes, minimum 45 minutes

Control Screen: 6.5″ (16.5cm) full color TFT display (option)


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